Safe Excavation has five strong years in the Vacuum Excavation industry, working with companies in construction, telecommunication, and utilities, providing them with extensive excavation work for new build sites, service repairs, and maintenance. In more recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the use of Vacuum Excavation, but there are still some companies that are thinking, “why should we use Vacuum Excavation?”

Why Use Vacuum Excavation? 

Vacuum Excavation is a less invasive technology with faster results in comparison to traditional methods of digging and manual excavation.

Vacuum Excavators are six times more productive than manual excavation, even where pipes and cables are located in heavy soils. This allows the contractors to schedule the work more accurately and enables utility companies to achieve faster repairs and service and connection times.

Our excavators ensure that you have the perfect tool to dig any area, in a clean and safe manner and can break up any hard ground by using air lances and air breakers. This ensures a speedy excavation of your site.

If you are operating within a built-up area or want to keep the dust and debris to a minimum, our Vacuum Excavation vehicles capture all the dust inside the tanks. this is done by using 42 separate air filters to ensure safe working, especially for those close to the excavation and the surrounding area.

Our Vac-Ex systems are available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a highly trained team of operators and competent drivers who hold the current safety and construction site certifications. As excavation requires less manpower, there will be lower risks of personal injury or on-site issues due to the use of high precision digging and the location of the services.

About Safe Excavation

Established in 2016, Safe Excavation assist an array of customers with their Vacuum Excavation requirements such as motorway works, civil engineering, and building and construction projects. It is our aim to continue to promote our service throughout the industry and to provide a safer working environment for all.

Vacuum Excavation is a technique that is also known as Suction Excavation and is the most economical approach that is available today. Hiring a Vac-Ex is ideal for construction jobs, both big and small. The on-site operatives are far safer than when using the traditional excavation techniques, such as manual digging and this is a method that offers a much lower risk option for companies.

To enquire about hiring our equipment, please email or alternatively call 01634 505 505.

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