Safe Excavation has seven strong years in the vacuum excavation industry, working with companies in construction, telecommunication, and utilities, providing them with extensive excavation work for new build sites, service repairs, and maintenance. In more recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the use of vacuum excavation, but there are still some companies that are thinking, “why should we use vacuum excavation?”

Vacuum excavation (also known as suction excavation) is a less invasive technology with faster results in comparison to traditional methods of digging and manual excavation.

Vacuum excavators are six times more productive than manual excavation, even where pipes and cables are located in heavy soils. This allows the vacuum excavation experts to schedule the work more accurately and enables utility companies to achieve faster repairs and service and connection times.

Our excavators ensure that you have the perfect tool to dig any area, in a clean and safe manner, and can break up any hard ground by using air lances and air breakers. This ensures a speedy excavation of your site.

If you are operating within a built-up area or want to keep the dust and debris to a minimum, our vacuum excavation vehicles capture all the dust inside the tanks. This is done by using 42 separate air filters to ensure safe working, especially for those close to the excavation and the surrounding area.

Our Vac-Ex systems are available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a highly trained team of operators and competent drivers who hold the current safety and construction site certifications. As excavation requires less manpower, there will be low risks of personal injury or on-site issues due to the use of high precision digging and the location of the services.

Benefits of Using Vac-Ex

  1. Vacuum excavators offer a highly effective method for excavating soil and other materials in motorway works, civil engineering, and building and construction projects.
  2. It is a non-destructive method of excavation. This means that they cause less damage to the surrounding environment and are particularly beneficial in areas where there are sensitive structures, such as historical buildings or landmarks.
  3. In contrast to conventional digging methods, vacuum excavation is a significantly more sophisticated approach, which results in a more efficient outcome. The use of a high-powered vacuum hose allows for the removal of a greater quantity of soil and debris compared to conventional suction  excavation equipment or manual labour, resulting in a faster process overall. Additionally, the dirt can be suctioned, contained, and transported away in a single vacuum truck, without the need for extra machinery or additional labour.
  4. Advanced technologies have made vacuum excavation a cost-effective solution. The reduced need for equipment and manpower significantly lowers the overall cost. Furthermore, the non-invasive nature of vacuum excavation eliminates the risk of expensive line strikes. Additionally, the efficiency of the process ensures that projects stay on schedule, enabling contractors to remain within their budgets and avoid the additional expense of prolonged rental periods.

Safety and Environmental Benefits

Vacuum excavation has several environmental benefits that make it an increasingly popular alternative to traditional digging methods. For instance, by using vacuum excavation, there are fewer vehicles required on-site, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint. This feature makes it an ideal choice for contractors who prioritise sustainability.

One of the key benefits of suction excavation jobs is the reduction of safety hazards. Unlike traditional excavation methods, which rely on heavy machinery and digging tools, suction excavation trucks use high-pressure air or water to loosen soil and debris. This reduces the risk of underground utility strikes and potential worker injuries.

From an environmental perspective, vacuum excavation is a highly sustainable solution. The method causes minimal damage to the surrounding environment, thanks to its non-destructive nature. By avoiding the need for excavation tools that can cause harm to underground utilities and structures, vacuum excavation jobs can minimise the impact on the environment and preserve valuable natural resources.

Moreover, suction excavator solutions produce far less dust than other excavation methods. As the spoil is sucked directly into the skip, this results in a cleaner and safer site for workers, especially in residential areas or city centres. Compared to traditional methods, vacuum excavation can reduce the excavation size by up to a third, which not only uses less energy but also creates a smaller footprint on the site.

One of the most significant benefits of vacuum excavation is that it is an efficient method that targets precise areas, reducing spoil to a minimum. This results in less mess, less tipping, and less material to recycle, providing cost and environmental benefits to the project. With its quicker and more thorough process than hand digging, vacuum excavation can ensure that the project is completed within the designated deadline, making it a more reliable and convenient solution

Overall, the safety and environmental benefits of vacuum excavation make it a highly attractive option for a number of industries and projects. Excavation trucks offer an innovative approach to excavation that is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Suction Excavation Process

Understanding how vacuum excavation works and the benefits it offers is essential. This method has been proven to be the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective approach for excavation in any situation.

Our vacuum excavation trucks are available in various sizes, each equipped with a remote-control boom responsible for sucking up debris from the excavation site. Compared to manual digging or other methods, vacuum excavation is a faster and safer process.

Here’s how vacuum excavation works:

Step 1

The truck is positioned, and the remote-control boom is directed towards the designated excavation area, with the boom typically positioned about 6 to 8 inches above the ground. The fans are then activated to initiate the suction process.

Step 2

Throughout the excavation process, the gap between the ground and the boom suction pipe is maintained, with all material being continuously sucked up under constant airflow. The boom is adjusted accordingly to follow the material and maintain a uniform removal. If there is any harder material encountered, an air lance can be used to loosen the ground. The excavation site is cleared until the required depth is reached, or a utility pipe is sufficiently uncovered for manual workers to operate.

Overall, vacuum excavation is a reliable and efficient method for excavation, offering precise and uniform removal while minimising the risks of manual digging.

Things to Consider When Choosing Vacuum Excavation for Hire

Choosing the right vacuum excavation service for your project requires careful consideration of several key factors that can impact the success of your project. To ensure that you make the right decision, there are a few things that you need to think about.

First and foremost, you want to look for a vacuum excavation expert that has the necessary experience and expertise to handle your project. A proven track record of delivering high-quality suction excavation services is essential, and you should also consider whether the company has experience in your particular industry.

The type of vacuum excavation equipment used is another critical factor to consider. Different types of soil and debris may require different types of suction excavation equipment, so it is important to select the right equipment for the job.

You also want to consider the cost of the vacuum excavation service and the level of support provided throughout the excavation process. Competitive pricing is essential, but so is comprehensive support throughout the project, including help locating underground utilities and structures.

Finally, it is crucial to prioritise safety and sustainability when choosing a vacuum excavation service. The right company will utilise advanced technology to minimise the impact on the environment while also keeping workers and bystanders safe.


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