Vacuum Excavation Hire

Why hire a Vacuum Excavator?

Vacuum Excavation is a technique that is also known as Suction Excavation and is the most economical approach that is available today.

Hiring a Vacuum Excavator is ideal for construction jobs, both big and small. The on-site operatives are far safer than when using the traditional excavation techniques, such as manual digging and this has vastly become a method that offers a much lower risk option for companies.

Our “Safety First” Approach

The team at Safe Excavation offer the latest state-of-the-art Suction Excavators for hire. Our trucks provide exceptionally high power suction that has the ability to deal with the majority of ground surfaces. It is a much safer way to excavate and reduces the potential for personal injury to an absolute minimum. The excavated material from the vacuum is then contained in our remote units, and then transported for disposal. If you take us on for your next excavator hire, our contractors and operators take care of the entire process.

vacuum excavation hire

Our Excavation Services

Our suction excavators can be hired on a basis of as and when you require our team. Our vehicles are ideal for a range of roadworks, as well as complex digging projects such as installing utilities and repairing power lines. If you need to dig the entire road up or want to carry out repairs within a short area of cable, our team will be there to assist you from start to finish.

The excavators within our fleet are used in live situations in which the road or area is cordoned off, but the day-to-day business can continue to occur around. Enabling this reduces the potential risk to any members of the public who walk by and also helps our team to complete the excavation in a shorter time frame than the other excavation methods would.

Suction Excavator Services

We can offer an array of Vacuum Excavators to carry out the exact excavation that is required by using a remote-controlled arm. The arm can be called into service once the area has been clearly marked and when the team are informed of the required depth.

The Vacuum Excavator is then able to go into work mode and will remove the ground material within a short space of time, which means that your team can go into the excavated area and begin their side of the work as quickly as possible.

By manual digging to expose power lines will come with a certain amount of risk. According to online statistics, there are many as 60,000 service strikes every single year and when a service strike can cost as much as £7,000 (or more), it begins to add up. Any other method that can vastly reduce these unwanted outlays and costs is essential.

In certain areas, using hand tools isn’t practical and that is why a Vacuum Excavator is such a benefit for you and your team. Our trucks arrive on-site, on time and are ideal for areas that are difficult to reach, without taking up too much space.

Nationwide Vacuum Excavator Hire

As one of the leading “for hire services” in the UK, our team have the ability to work within all towns and cities, no matter where you’re located. Our services can be hired 24/7, whether it is a single day hire or a longer contract.

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