How Does Vacuum Excavation Work?

How Does Vacuum Excavation Work?

For most contractors, it’s important to understand how vacuum excavation works and what benefit it provides. Here we take a closer look at why this is the safe, efficient and cost-effective method for fast evacuation in any situation.

Our vacuum excavation trucks come in various sizes but they all carry a remote control boom that is responsible for sucking up the debris from the excavated area. It’s a much faster process and one that is a lot safer than manual digging or other approaches.

How does vacuum excavation work

Step 1

The truck is moved into position and the remote control boom is moved towards the section to be excavated. It is normally positioned about 6 to 8 inches over the excavation area. The vacuum fans are then switched on to start the suction process.

Step 2

That gap between the ground and the boom suction pipe is maintained throughout and the material is sucked up under a constant airflow. The boom is adjusted to follow the material and maintain the 8-inch gap and keep removal uniform.

If harder material is encountered, an air lance is used to loosen the ground. The area is cleared until the right depth is reached or a utility pipe or conduit is uncovered enough for manual workers to operate.

Our Vacuum Excavation Trucks

Our trucks come in a variety of sizes depending on the job that is being undertaken and these have a number of different tools to assist with different conditions.

For example, we have reduced pipe sizes for smaller or narrower areas of ground as well as air lances that help quickly break up solid material, as well as air breakers that perform a similar job. The trucks all have a built-in compressor on board.

We go a step further than other hire companies in this sector. For a start, we have a huge amount of experience of dealing with all sorts of excavations within the civil sector. We can advise on which is the right equipment and what materials are needed for each job, however big or small.

Our aim is to ensure high levels of service and we can also help out with any temporary works as well as large projects.

We can provide your company with a fully responsive service. That includes ensuring ground protection such as fence panels and rubber mats are in place to maintain safety.

We store any material that is removed from an excavation in a skip built into the truck, something that can help reduce transport costs if the excavated waste needs to be taken to a stockpile area on site. Material is dispensed by side-tipping soil and rock waste but it can also be tipped directly into skips to avoid reloading time and effort.

The main benefits of vacuum excavation for contractors is that it is the safest way to excavate material from a variety of sites. Contractors can keep areas clear of material, preventing accidents to the workforce and anyone passing by.

Our state of the art trucks comply with noise level standards for work in public areas and prevent dust escape with an air circulation system that contains some 42 filters. That means little contamination during the vacuum excavation process.

If you are a contractor working on-road, off-road or built-up areas, Safe Excavation provide the largest vacuum excavation fleet in the UK. Contact us today to find out more.

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