The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Excavation

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us to discuss your requirements if your query is not covered in the content below. We have summarised what most customers want to know and have provided valuable information to the most common queries regarding Vacuum Excavation services.

Vacuum Excavation Hire Truck

How far does the power arm reach?
If you measure the nearside/rear of the truck, the total reach of the power arm is approximately 4.5 metres long.

What volume of spoil can a Vacuum Excavator contain?
The amount of spoil varies depending on the size of the vehicle allocated to the job at hand. Our Vacuum Excavators have an 8m3 – 10m3 spoil capacity.

Is the extension pipework supplied?
Yes, should you require the pipework, our team can supply it at an additional cost.

What can a Vacuum Excavator handle on a daily basis?
The daily productivity of a Vacuum Excavator is approximately 1.6-2m3 per hour, depending on the ground conditions.

What diameter is the suction hose?
The suction hose has a 250mm (10”) diameter.

Is it possible to reduce the diameter of the suction hose?
Yes, the diameter of the suction can be reduced if required. We can provide a suction nozzle adaptor, which reduces the diameter to 150mm (6”).

Do your operatives possess the correct training and accreditation?
Yes, this is an aspect which we take great pride in and will always remain at the forefront of our priorities. All of our staff are fully qualified, and professional and are monitored regularly with the aim of improving their skills and competency across the industry requirements. Our operatives are CPCS trained and accredited as we strive for excellence amongst our peers.

Does your company possess any accreditations?
Our team are accredited members of SMAS Worksafe & Contractor Health & Safety CHAS.

How many operatives work on a job?
This is dependent on customer preference. We regularly supply 1 or 2 trained operators with our Vacuum Excavator. We are happy to advise customers on what we think may be appropriate for the job.

How would the system handle a stubborn or compact floor?
This isn’t a problem for our Vacuum Excavators. Running off the onboard compressor on the vehicle, our operator would use the air-lance provided to displace and remove the material.

What is vacuum excavation used for?
Vacuum excavation is used as an alternative to more traditional methods of excavating. It is increasingly popular due to its benefits, such as reducing the chance and associated costs of utility strikes. It is economical, and efficient and reduces disruption around the site area.

How much does vacuum excavation cost?
At Safe Excavation, we offer either the vacuum excavation machinery for hire or our team of vacuum excavation specialists to operate it for you. Depending on your project and expertise, we will advise you on the best one for you.

How much does a vac truck cost per hour?
Our excavation trucks have a competitively priced day rate, so contact our helpful team to get your tailored quote today.

How many vehicles are in your fleet?
We have a range of different vehicles in our fleet so we always aim to have the fleet capacity to carry out jobs for our clients.

What is the capacity of an excavator?
Our excavators can hold up to 8m3.

How deep can a vac truck reach?
Our excavators come with a suction depth of up to 20m, so however deep you need to excavate, our equipment will be able to work for you.

How many cubes are in a vac truck?
Our largest excavator can hold up to 8m3, though we will discuss your requirements with you to ensure that you have the best excavator for your needs.

How much can you excavate in a day?
In general, a vacuum excavator can extract up to 25m3 in a day, though this figure can vary depending on the ground and working conditions.

How soon can you be scheduled to work any job?
We always aim to assist all our customers no matter the time frame. If you have an emergency such as a drain collapse, you need a company that you can rely on to act quickly and swiftly. We will always do our best to respond quickly when needed. If you are planning a project, scheduling your vacuum excavation ahead of time will make your project smoother.

Do you offer operated hire or self-drive?
We offer both operated hire, with our experienced team of operatives, as well as self-drive, depending on your requirements, and the existing skill of your team. If you are unsure of the best fit for your project, speak to our friendly and helpful team for advice.

What locations do you cover?
We are located in Kent, and our trained operatives work across Kent and the South East, including major towns such as Brighton and Ipswich. However, if you are looking for self-drive hire, then we can supply our vacuum excavators right across the UK. No matter your location, the team at Safe Excavation can help you with your next project.

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