The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Excavation

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us to discuss your requirements if your query is not covered in the content below. We have summarised what most customers want to know and have provided valuable information to the most common queries regarding vacuum excavation services.

Vacuum Excavation Hire Truck

1. How far does the power arm reach?

If you measure from the nearside/rear of the truck the total reach of the power arm is approximately 4.5 metres long.

2. What volume of spoil can a Vacuum Excavator contain?

The amount of spoil varies depending on the size of the vehicle allocated to the job in hand.  For example, our larger vacuum excavation vehicles have an 8m³-10m³ spoil capacity whereas The City Sucker has 2m³ spoil capacity and our Tracked-Vac has 4.5m³ capacity for spoil.

3. Is extension pipework supplied?

Yes, this is not a problem. Should you require it we can supply extra extension pipework at an additional cost.

4. What can a Vacuum Excavator handle on a daily basis?

The daily productivity of a vacuum excavator is approximately  1.6-2m³ per hour depending on the ground conditions.

5. What diameter is the suction hose?

The suction hose has a 250mm (10″) diameter.

6. Is it possible to reduce the diameter of the suction hose?

Yes, the diameter of the suction can be reduced if required. We can provide a suction nozzle adaptor which reduces the diameter down to 150mm (6″).

7. Is it possible to hire different size systems?

Yes, for particularly difficult areas we have a range of systems for all needs. These come in 16t, 26t & 32t with standard length and mega arms.

8. Do your operatives possess the correct training and accreditation?

Yes, this is something we take great pride in and is always at the forefront of our priorities. All our staff are qualified, professional and monitored regularly with the aim of improving skill and competency across industry requirements. Our operatives are CPCS trained and accredited as we strive for excellence amongst our peers.

9. Does your company possess any accreditations?

Yes, we are accredited members of SMAS Worksafe & Contractor Health & Safety CHAS.

10. What number of operatives are supplied with each job?

This is down to client preference. We would usually supply 1 or 2 trained operators with the system. We are happy to advise customers on what we think may be appropriate for the task at hand but would respect your wishes on the final decision.

11. How old is your fleet?

We have a modern fleet and to ensure that our fleet meet all safety standards, every vehicle is Euro compliant.

12. Is it only the UK where you operate?

We have recently ventured into mainland Europe and gained interest from a cross section of countries for our ever-expanding business. We currently provide our services to all regions of the UK and Ireland.

13. How would the system handle a stubborn or compacted floor?

Stubborn or compacted material is not a problem for our systems. Running off the on-board compressor on the vehicle, the assistant would use the air lance provided to displace and remove material.

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