Vacuum Excavation is a safer, more efficient method of excavating underground utilities. Using the power of high-pressure air from the excavator to loosen the soil, the process significantly reduces the risk of cable strikes and any injuries to on-site workers.

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive, the law declares that on-site management must prevent danger to workers who are surrounding the excavation area. With this in mind, planning for Vacuum Excavation is of the highest importance.

Planning for Vacuum Excavation

When choosing the Safe Excavation team for your excavation requirements, we will assist you from the initial enquiry to after-project care. Excavation requires experience, skill, and strong attention to detail, especially when working around large structures, our highly trained team of operators ensures that we will carry out the perfect excavation for your project.

An inspection must be conducted prior to the start and end of the excavation to record information regarding objects that may have fallen in, e.g., pieces of rock or earth. The manager conducting the inspection is required to make a record, correct any faults that are found and create a written report containing the following information:

  • Name and address of the company
  • Location and description of the workplace
  • Date and time of the inspection
  • Health and safety details
  • Action is taken as a result of identified matters
  • Further action (if required)
  • Name and position of the person making the report
How long does an excavation take? 

An excavation time period is solely dependent on your project. Our team assists customers on daily jobs, ones that last a week or two and we have also worked on month long projects.

Our team will always liaise with the on-site management to ensure that the job is going well and that any issues are resolved as soon as possible.

About Safe Excavation

Established in 2016, Safe Excavation assist an array of customers with their Vacuum Excavation requirements such as motorway works, civil engineering, and building and construction projects. It is our aim to continue to promote our service throughout the industry and to provide a safer working environment for all.

Vacuum Excavation is a technique that is also known as Suction Excavation and is the most economical approach that is available today. Hiring a Vacuum Excavator is ideal for construction jobs, both big and small. The on-site operatives provide a far safer excavation than when using more traditional excavation techniques, such as manual digging and this is a method that offers a much lower risk option for companies.


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