Vacuum Excavation Equipment

Our Vacuum Excavation System

Our Vacuum Excavation equipment is available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a highly trained team of operators and competent drivers who hold the current safety and construction site certification.

If your project involves wet or dry material, our Vacuum Excavators will easily suck up and use our dust-free exhaust outlets to rid of any fibre.

The excavation systems we provide have a full variation of sizes ranging from 6m³ to 12m³ and come equipped with a suction depth of up to 20m, as well as a suction length of up to 250m (dependent on material). They are also fitted with radio controlled 6m power reach arms.

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Vacuum Excavation Equipment
Compact Vacuum Excavators

​Compact Excavators

Our Compact Excavators can either hydro-excavate or use the compressed air to expose the underground services in a tight or confined area.

Large Vacuum Excavators

Large 12m³ Excavators

Our large 12m³ excavators can use either hydro-excavate or compressed air, but are much more suited to those larger, more heavy duty applications.

Trained Operators

​Trained Operators

We pride ourselves on having a team of fully trained and competent drivers, who hold the current safety and construction site certification.

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