Vacuum Excavation Safety Benefits

Vacuum Excavation Safety Benefits

Vacuum Excavation has a number of major benefits over the traditional use of manual excavation, which have improved the health and safety aspect of any operation.

Vacuum Excavation Safety Benefits

Remotely Operated Vacuum Evacuation

Our Vacuum Excavators operate using a boom that has an extended reach and comes equipped with a range of attachments that can be used to quickly and efficiently excavate any area. Our Vacuum Excavation equipment ensures that you have the perfect tool to dig any area, in a clean and safe manner. The remote operation ensures that work in all areas can be performed at a distance, which means that there is no risk to the operator. This also greatly reduces the challenges that come with manual digging and the hand vibrations which can cause injury to the operatives.

Here at Safe Excavation, we have provided our customers with the option to operate the truck yourself, if there are trained operatives available. The other option is to have one of our highly experienced operators on-site with you.

Safe Excavation for Hard to Reach Areas

We have multiple Vacuum Excavators and a full range of different pipe sizes to suit any excavation site. We take the danger out of dealing with hard to reach or difficult areas of ground that may put both teams at risk. Our equipment is able to break up any hard ground by using air lances and air breakers. This ensures the speedy excavation of your site.

A Clean Excavation

If you are operating within a built-up area, or you’re wanting to keep the dust and debris to a minimum, our vacuum trucks have the ability to capture all the dust inside the tanks. This is done by using 42 separate air filters to ensure safe working, even for those close to the excavation.

Our Safety Credentials

We’re a company that spends a lot of time and effort building its health and safety credentials. That includes accreditations for:

  • CHAS
  • SMAS Work-Safe Contractor

We’re always looking to improve our safety and accreditation. If your business requires any additional training, Safe Excavation will be happy to meet that requirement.


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