Vacuum Excavation, also known as suction excavation has quickly become the go-to method for uncovering services, pipes, and cables for the construction, civil engineering, and utility industries. As an economical and safer approach to digging, vacuum excavation provides several safety benefits as opposed to the traditional methods of manual digging or mechanical excavation.

What is Vacuum Excavation? 

Vacuum excavation is used by our operators to excavate the ground through the use of high-powered excavator truck systems. This process significantly reduces the risk of loss of property, as the risk of injury and the risk of service strikes. Our high-powered vacuum excavator quickly excavates deep and precisely controlled holes to uncover buried utilities. Vacuum excavation will loosen the soil with a high-pressured air lance and will proceed to vacuum away any loose material.

What are the safety benefits? 

  • Eliminating the hazard of underground utility strikes
  • Minimising traffic disruption
  • Reducing reinstatement costs
  • Reducing the required manpower and equipment

There are a wide variety of industries that benefit from hiring the Safe Excavation team to undertake excavation on their projects:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Gas Utilities
  • Highways
  • Power Plants
  • Power Utilities
  • Railways
  • Telecom
  • Waterworks

About Safe Excavation

Established in 2016, Safe Excavation assists an array of customers with their requirements such as motorway works, civil engineering, and building and construction projects. It is our aim to continue to promote our service throughout the industry and to provide a safer working environment for all.

To enquire about hiring our equipment, please email or alternatively call 01634 505 505.

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