Vacuum Excavation, also known as suction excavation, has quickly become the go-to method for uncovering services, pipes, and cables for the construction, civil engineering, and utility industries. As an economical and safer approach to digging, vacuum excavation provides several safety benefits as opposed to the traditional methods of manual digging or mechanical excavation.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is used by our operators to excavate the ground through the use of high-powered excavator truck systems. This process significantly reduces the risk of loss of property, as the risk of injury and the risk of service strikes. Our high-powered vacuum excavator quickly excavates deep and precisely controlled holes to uncover buried utilities. Vacuum excavation trucks will loosen the soil with a high-pressured air lance and will proceed to vacuum away any loose material.

How Does it Work?

The vacuum extraction works by using air as a catalyst for carrying the excavated materials into a tank.

It works by using blowers that pull air up into the pipes and then into the tank. The materials are then transported via the airflow and demoted into the tank, and the residual air (the not needed part) is put through a filtration system which has a 96% efficiency rate, and then put back into the environment.

Advantages of Using Vacuum Extraction

There are a couple of key benefits to come from vacuum excavation works.

First of all, you get a single centralised collection point for dirt, debris, and minerals. This also means that hazards like broken glass can be moved without staff intervention. Obviously, it also produces a clean airflow for workers, but there is also the benefit of being able to protect employee health. Furthermore, a lot of typical extraction tools are bad for the environment – this does not have an impact.

What are the Safety Benefits?

  • Eliminating the hazard of underground utility strikes
  • Minimising traffic disruption
  • Reducing reinstatement costs
  • Reducing the required manpower and equipment

Industries Requiring Vacuum Excavation

There are a wide variety of industries that benefit from hiring the Safe Excavation team to undertake excavation on their projects:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Gas Utilities
  • Highways
  • Power Plants
  • Power Utilities
  • Railways
  • Telecom
  • Waterworks

Vacuum Excavation Applications

There are many applications for vacuum excavators.

The great thing about vacuum excavation trucks is that the resulting air it produces is often cleaner and healthier than other sources, so it can be used as an effective way to clean an area and improve air quality.

Suction excavators are also good for removing hazardous materials and reducing employee risk. Chemicals, glass, or shrapnel that might pose a safety risk can be safely extracted and disposed of.

What is a Vacuum Excavator?

What is a vacuum excavator? It is essentially a giant vacuum cleaner, a vacuum extractor is an apparatus that is used to perform a range of tasks associated with collecting and moving materials.

The excavator machine is used for collecting, extracting, and separating dust, liquids, chemicals, and solid materials as necessary. These are often harmful chemicals which need careful handling or simply materials too fine to be sorted by hand.

The extractor replaces the need for manpower and specialist equipment by being a self-contained device.

Hire a Vacuum Excavator for Your Next Project!

A vacuum excavator will make short work of your project and save plenty of hours, manpower, and specialist equipment. Safe Excavation provides a winning service and a trained operator if required.

A vacuum excavation truck is a modern tool for use in construction, motorway works, and any other building project you may have. It is safe to use, highly effective and generates filtered air to improve the surrounding area. Contact us today and find out how to hire vacuum excavation for your project.

About Safe Excavation

Established in 2016, Safe Excavation assists an array of customers with their requirements such as motorway works, civil engineering, and building and construction projects. It is our aim to continue to promote our vacuum excavation service throughout the industry and to provide a safer working environment for all.


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