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Vacuum Excavation Services

We are a leading vacuum excavation specialist operating in and around Portsmouth and across the UK. Vacuum excavation provides a safer, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly options alternative to traditional excavation methods.

How vacuum excavation work

Suction Excavation Specialists

When you partner with the team at Safe Excavation you can be confident you are receiving the very best advice, service and operating skill from one of the leading suction and vacuum excavation hire service providers. We bring our extensive experience to every project that we undertake, no matter the sector or location.

Hire a Vacuum Excavator

Suction excavation is used across many construction sites, as well as in a host of other sectors. We have invested heavily in our excavator fleet to ensure that we have sufficient excavation machines for our growing customer base. This ensures that we can offer vacuum excavators for both long-term and short-term hires.

Our Solutions

Suction excavation is an innovative technique that solves many common problems that occur with ground excavation. Cable strikes are a common excavation issue, and these can be both dangerous and costly when they occur. Excavation using vacuum technology is also a greener method than traditional excavation methods. Many construction sites are working to improve their carbon footprint and any machinery or methods that can help with this, are important for our green future.

Why Choose Safe Excavation?

Our team is experienced and qualified in the use of vacuum excavators. We bring our knowledge to every project that we undertake. We provide excavator services across the country to a range of different industries. We approach all projects with the same positive and forward-thinking approach that we are renowned for. If you are looking for vacuum hire services in Portsmouth or across the UK, please contact our friendly and helpful team today.

Compact Vacuum Excavators

​Compact Excavators

Our Compact Excavators can either hydro-excavate or use the compressed air to expose the underground services in a tight or confined area.

Large Vacuum Excavators

Large 12m³ Excavators

Our large 12m³ excavators can use either hydro-excavate or compressed air, but are much more suited to those larger, more heavy duty applications.

Trained Operators

​Trained Operators

We pride ourselves on having a team of fully trained and competent drivers, who hold the current safety and construction site certification.

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