Vacuum Excavation Gillingham

Vacuum Excavation Gillingham

When it comes to all aspects of Vacuum Excavation, Safe Excavation are the experts. We provide a complete service that comes with a modern fleet of vacuum excavators and a team of operators who are committed to achieving the desired results. Whether you are building highways, excavating utilities or digging tunnels, we have a service that can help to reduce risks, save money and speed up the process.

We utilise our skills and professionalism on every project and we are here to help you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We work efficiently and with precision, ensuring we can meet your needs and fall in line with your timeframe and schedules.

Vacuum Excavation Gillingham

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum excavation is also known as suction excavation and it provides an alternative option to the other excavation methods out there. It is safer, quicker and is cost-effective while it is also environmentally friendly.

Our operators will ensure that our vacuum excavators are set up correctly before removing debris and materials that are found beneath the surface. All materials are removed rapidly and efficiently while ensuring that the risk to any surrounding utilities is significantly reduced.


Projects We’ve Worked on in Gillingham

We have the correct machinery and expertise that enables us to undertake a wide range of projects throughout Gillingham. As a result, we have worked on the following projects:

● The construction of tunnels
● The process of installing pipelines and trenches
● Waste transfer and disposal
● Building renovations
● Tree root renovation
● Emergency services
● Disasters


How Does Vacuum Excavation Work?

Using a blast of concentrated air, the princess breaks up and loosens materials before the vacuum hose is inserted to begin the process of sucking up the materials. All unwanted debris is kept within the tanks while materials that can be used for refilling are kept.

The entire process can help to mitigate the risk of causing damage to underground facilities such as pipes and electricity cables. The process is less invasive, cost-effective and precise which also means that the amount of surface restoration required is minimal.


Why Choose Us

When it comes to vacuum excavation, there is nothing that we do not know and that means that you can put your trust in us. We are professional, reliable and trustworthy while our precision and dedication to ensuring everything is right allows us to deliver results every time. We make sure that our fleet of vehicles are fit for purpose and our trained operators have the right training and skills to achieve the desired results.

With our service, you won’t need to rely on manual methods whereby the risk of worker strikes increases and hand tools are at fault for a large percentage of utility strikes. This also means that we can help you avoid costs associated with fines and repairs while we can also help to protect lives.

With our service, you’ll benefit from experience and flexibility while we invest in the latest methods as well as ensure our equipment and operators can deliver every time.

For more information on our Vacuum Excavation service, get in touch with us. We are always happy to provide more information and discuss your requirements in detail.

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